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Family of Choice Webcast
Log-In Difficulty

We're trying to make good in a small way for Wednesday's Family of Choice webcast, to the many people who were shut out. We have ten copies of Another Life signed by Andrew Vachss that we're raffling off to those who were shut out. We'd like to send one to each of you, but it's hundreds, so that's just not feasible. If you were unable to log in, please send us your information in the form below. We will not ever use the information for anything other than this make-good. Once done, we'll destroy your information. Again, we extend our deepest apologies.

Please note: All attachments, encoding, embedded hyperlinks, programs which include mail, html, or any other "enhancements" of email will be rejected. Plain text only, please!

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Please answer each of the following questions:
What email address did you register with for the webcast?
At what approximate time(s) during the evening did you try to log in?
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